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Our method to marketing is underpinned by storytelling,
creativity, and collaboration.

Here’s what we do and how we do it


Have a roadmap for success?

Our goal is to do the right things at the right time. We create roadmaps to ensure your projects are focused and mapped out. We manage projects through the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies to meet the project requirements. We understand that clear and effective communication is essential to managing projects and this is what our RED team is known for! Great communication is the root of any good relationship therefore the effectiveness of our communication has an impact on all parties involved. We believe that communication, leadership, time management, planning and negotiation are the key elements in the equation for a successful execution of any project at hand.


Reach your market directly!

Establish your data base of your customers so that you can communicate with them electronically. Keep your customers up to date with email flyers of sales, promotions, or postings of your latest content. Email marketing allows us to reach your established customer base to keep them coming back for more.


Create content to engage and grow!

We create and curate content that engages your users, attracts new followers and turn them into customers! Facebook and Instagram are highly effective marketing tools in Guyana as we see the increase in the total number of users over the years. According to Hootsuite, the total number of Facebook users in Guyana in January 2017 was 340,000. That is 44% of the total population! We believe that strategies such as Video Marketing and Live Streaming are untapped in the Guyana Social Media Marketing scene and we are excited to create exhilarating content for businesses using these concepts!


Connect with your target audience!

We create advertising for TV, radio, online, social media, print, outdoor media, you name it! We believe that advertising is all about connecting a powerful story to an appropriate audience. We pride ourselves in crafting bold and emotive ideas that leave an imprint in people’s minds. Remember there is always a story to tell and we help to write, edit and sell it!


What separates you from your competitor?

We will discover the strengths behind your brand and place them at the forefront, to encourage customers to choose you over the other. Our team enhances your brand’s image and makes it memorable and wanted! We procure and create everything from Novelty Items and Corporate Calendars to Event Banners and Office Signage. Let’s help you make your brand stand out!


Is your message meaningful?

Articulate what you do, whom you serve and why it matters. Express why your product was created and what is its purpose. We create messaging with answers to these very questions so that it is meaningful which in turn makes an impact! Does your content engage? Create content customers love. As designers, we develop plans and content that engage your existing and potential customers.


Experience your brand through an event!

We can assist any business or non-profit organization with corporate events planning and coordination. Let us help you make your event a success! We offer everything from coordination of media, product sampling to branded décor features and program management. We can work with you to design and plan your entire event! Ask about our non-profit discounts and volunteer work.


Have a website that represents your brand?

We deliver websites that look spectacular and that represent your brand. Our sites are built with not only user experience in mind, but performance as well. Building websites is hard work so we always make sure to scan your current content for gems. We keep the best and fix the rest!


Marketing, Environmental & Social

Marketing. We believe that if you can afford to do Market Research for your business, product or service, get it done! With effective Market Research, your company can gain invaluable information about your competitors, economic shifts, demographics, the current market trends and the spending traits of your customers. Our team offers Primary and Secondary Data Collection through methods of Focus Groups, Mystery Shopping and of course, Surveying. We use Tablets and Survey Software for efficient results analysis.

Environmental & Social. In Guyana, we lack research that is computerized, updated and valid. We know that there are research-based organizations that are eager to update their data collection systems and we want to work with you! Our Surveying technology allows us to collect data from 100s and even 1000s of people. We have team members that have environmental and social knowledge banks who would enjoy collectively working on research projects with effective delivery methods, validity and results analysis.

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